Questions You Do Not Want To Hear After Settlement


• “I spent all my money already and now I heard I could have been protected using a structured settlement. Why didn’t you tell me about this option?”

• “I just found out the defense misrepresented their annuity cost on my structure. Don’t you owe me a refund on your attorney fees?”

• “Somebody told me that I would be getting higher annuity payments if we used a plaintiff broker to aggressively shop the market. How come you let the defense control this deal for me?”

• “My friend said with my medical background, I should be getting much larger payments on my lifetime income. Why didn’t you pursue this further with a plaintiff broker?”

• “I heard that the defense insurer received a kickback of commissions on my annuity. Does that mean they didn’t spend what they said they spent on my settlement?”

• “My friend used a plaintiff broker for his settlement. It didn’t cost anything and he got a much better structure than the defense offered. We had our own experts for everything else, why didn’t you tell me we could have our own expert for the biggest financial transaction of my life?”

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